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16X16 - $135.00 Fits 25 people

Red and White Striped


20X20 - $135.00 Fits 40 people

Red & White Striped

Blue & White Striped

Green & White Striped

Red & Yellow Striped  


20X30 - $160.00 Fits 60 people

Green & White Striped

Blue & White Striped

Yellow & White Striped


20X40 - $185.00  Fits 80 people

Red & White Striped

Green & White Striped

Blue & White Striped

All White (used for weddings only) 


30X60 - $1000.00 Fits 195 People

         White-3 Peak Tension Tent


All White FrameTent 

20X20 - $270.00

20X30 - $320.00

20X40 - $375.00




Additional Options


6 ft. Round Tables -  $15.00 each (We have 12)

6 ft Banquet Tables - $5.00 each (We have 50)

Chairs - $1.50 each

Brown or White


White Sides with Windows, 20ft Sections - $25.00 each

Tent Lights - $25.00

30X60 Tent Lights $50.00

Drink Fountain - $50.00

Dance Floor  (Call for size and price info)



Table and chair prices include delivery and pick-up.  We do not set up the tables and chairs.


An additional mileage fee is assessed outside of a 25 mile radius.


Tent price includes delivery, set-up, breakdown and sales tax


                          TENT RENTAL CALL 814-288-2810

Tent Care Instructions

Our care instructions for the tents, tables, and chairs are as follows. Please read over carefully.


  1. No Gas or charcoal grills are permitted under the tent.
  2. No fires under of within 50 yards of the tent. (Hot ash burns holes.)
  3. No fireworks under or near the tent.
  4. No torches under or along the sides of the tent.
  5. Do not hang or tie anything heavier than Christmas lights to the tents, poles, or ropes.
  6. Remove all twist ties, zip ties, hooks, strings, balloons or decorations before pick-up.
  7. Please also remove any personal items (picnic tables, coolers, chairs) from under the tent before pick-up.
  8. In windy conditions, we ask that the guide ropes are kept pulled tight.
  9. Use tables and chairs for what they are intended for only. Do not stand on tables or chairs.

   10. Pole tents can only be set up in grass only. 

         Frame tents can be set up on grass or parking lot.


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